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Step 2: Number Plate Printers

Many of our trade customers choose to have the convenience of printing plates on site. Our range of laser and thermal print systems can print any legal British number plate to suit your business. Printing plates helps you manage your number plate needs.

Why print number plates?

Printing and making number plates yourself can save you the time and money associated with waiting for delivery of ready-to-fit number plates. Whether you’re looking to make plates to sell or for fitting straight onto your vehicles, printing plates is simple and easy with a Merlin system. We will help you to select either a thermal or laser print, to best suit your business.

Your number plate package

The complete package is designed to make printing number plates simple. One number plate can be completed in three easy steps:

A purpose-built cold-press laminator in a size to suit the number plates you want to laminate


Printing plates in different shapes, sizes and colours:

Our printer range is designed to help you print any of the UK legal number plate shapes, sizes and designs as and when you need to.

  • Standard oblongs
  • Lipped standard oblongs
  • Square 4x4
  • Lipped Square 4x4
  • Motorcycle plates
  • Lipped motorcycle plates
  • Import sizes
  • Oversized rear plates (e.g. 533mm x 152mm)
  • Shaped / contour plates e.g. Jaguar rear plates

All our print systems can also print plates which have a pre-printing regional flag or lip advertising your business.

Our printer range includes both mono black print to full colour printing depending on your needs. We work closely with our suppliers and prepare every number plate printer in-house to ensure that every plate you produce is the best possible quality.

To find out more about printing plates at your business, call our Customer Service team on 0114 273 1151 or contact one of our Area Account Managers.