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UK becomes the national identifier for number plates

Article Published - 30/9/2021

Drivers wanting to go overseas will need a UK plate or sticker.

On September 28th, drivers going overseas* should show the new UK national identifier. As your number plate supplier, we can supply you with Nikkalite or 3M components or made-up plates showing the new identifier.

Find out more, including how to order and part numbers, by reading on.


How to order

You can order on our website, searching 'UK national identifier' or quote one of the following part numbers:

Components 520x111mm









Made-up plates 520x111mm



What do the plates look like?

The new design includes blue UK initials under the red, white and (matching) blue Union Flag. All the elements follow set sizes and colours.

When was the change introduced?

28th September.

Why has this change come about?

When the UK exited the European Union on 1st January 2021, the previous GB EU blue flag plates became invalid as a national identifier. Drivers with those or any other plates had to show a GB sticker or the temporary identifier (GB and Union Flag plates announced by Transport Secretary Grant Schapps - applicable 1st January to September 27th inclusive) when travelling overseas. From September 28th, the design has now changed to UK as the national identifier, either as a sticker or on a number plate.

What if drivers have other plates and want to go overseas?

They should display a UK oval sticker, and cover over any GB sticker on their vehicle.

Do any countries not accept the new UK plates as national identifiers?

Spain, Cyprus and Malta require UK stickers to be displayed regardless which plate(s) the vehicle shows.


Find out more

To find out more about this or anything else related to number plates, contact our friendly team on 0114 2731151, email or contact your Area Sales & Support Manager, whose details are here.