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Trailer Registration Plates

Article Published - 22/2/2019

From Thursday 28th March 2019, DVLA have stated that it will be a legal requirement for certain trailers travelling abroad to be registered.

When registered with the DVLA, trailers must display a trailer registration number plate as well as the registration number plate of the towing vehicle.

What will a trailer plate look like?
The trailer registration mark will consist of one letter followed by seven numbers. They will be grouped as one letter and three numbers followed by a group of four numbers, for example A123 4567 as shown below. 

What size is a trailer plate?
Our trailer plates will be 228 x 178mm (9" x 7")

What components will I need to make a trailer plate?

For prices, please log in to your online account or contact us for more information.

Will this new template be added to PlateSync®?
If you are connected to the internet, the new trailer plate template will be uploaded to our PlateSync® software automatically on Wednesday 27th February. Please watch our video that will show you where to find it and how to print.

If your laptop isn’t connected to the internet, please contact our Technical Support team and they will assist with the install. 

Can you offer a trailer plate as a made-up service?
We can offer a made-up service if you do not have the ability to make these plates on-site.

Is it compulsory to supply trailer registration plates?
It is entirely up to you whether you want to offer trailer registration plates, it is not compulsory.

Is it a requirement to keep a sales record for trailer registration plates sold?
You must keep records of number plate sales for three years and show them upon request to the police, DVLA, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Trading Standards enforcement officers if they ask to see them. For trailer registration plates, your customers should be able to provide the trailer registration certificate or an eV948. Please find examples of these documents at the bottom of the page.

What details should I record from an eV948?
There is no unique reference number on a trailer plate version of the eV948, however suppliers can use the trailer registration number and the date/time stamp as the reference number.

Who should I contact if I have further questions regarding trailer plates?
Please contact our Technical Support team on 0114 253 6568. Alternatively, you can call the DVLA RNPS contact line directly on 0300 123 0797. For more information about the trailer registration scheme or other changes that may affect those driving abroad after March 2019, please visit:

For further advice and guidance, please visit the BNMA's website.