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Your responsibilities as a supplier

We will support you to ensure you fulfil your responsibilities as a number plate supplier.

Let us support you in supporting your customers. It is mandatory to record customer details for any number plate you create and sell. With our advanced PlateSync® software, record keeping has never been so simple. PlateSync® is an extremely useful tool to help you keep accurate records for the DVLA, and is also GDPR compliant. You’ll be prompted for all the necessary details when printing a plate and they’ll be saved automatically on your system. All your records can be easily exported into Excel if the DVLA, the police or Trading Standards ever ask to see them too.


Keeping records

You must see the original documents that prove an individual’s identity and entitlement to the registration before you can supply a number plate to them. Legislation states that you must keep a record of their name, address and entitlement. Your customer must provide one document from each of the categories below to enable you to keep records and verify their details before making a number plate. Any of the following documents are acceptable:

Proof of identity:

  • A driving licence
  • A utility bill issued within the last six months
  • A bank or building society statement issued within the last six months
  • A valid passport
  • A national identity card
  • A debit or credit card issues by a bank or a building society
  • A police warrant card
  • An armed forces identity card


Proof of entitlement:

  • A Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)
  • The New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2)
  • A Certificate of Entitlement (V750)
  • A Retention Document (V778)
  • A Number Plate Authorisation Certificate (V948)
  • An Electronic Number Plate Authorisation Certificate (eV948)
  • A letter of authorisation from a fleet operator (including lease or hire company) quoting the document reference number from the registration certificate
  • If your fleet is in the new V5C on demand scheme (also called ‘V5C suppression’), you may use a PDF of the vehicle’s details from the view vehicle record service

Records must be kept for a minimum of 3 years.


Changing your details

If your company name, entity or address changes, the DVLA will need to be notified within 28 days. If you decide to stop supplying number plates, the DVLA will need to be informed.

Remember, the postcode of the address you register with the Register of Number Suppliers team will be the postcode you display on your number plates, alongside your trading name.


The British Standard

All number plates must conform with the British Standard. By law, each number plate must be marked with the following information:

  • The British Standard number (currently BS AU 145e)
  • The name or trade mark of the manufacturer or component supplier (Ours reads JEPSON)
  • Name and postcode of the supplying outlet. That’s your company trading name and postcode, which must match the address registered with the Register of Number Plate Suppliers at DVLA

Logos, images, telephone numbers and websites cannot be displayed on a physical number plate. It is also an offence to alter or rearrange the digits on a number plate. The registration must read exactly how it has been issued on the customers V5C. If a vehicle is displaying an illegal number plate, it may fail an MOT test.


Supplying number plates to another company

If you are supplying number plates to another company who wish to have their trading name and postcode displayed on the number plate, it is your responsibility to check that your customer is registered with the DVLA as a Registered Number Plate Supplier. You can search for all legal number plate suppliers by postcode using this website.

However, this website will not disclose a company’s unique RNPS number, also known as an SID (Supplier I.D.) and you will need this for your record keeping purposes. To confirm the details you have for a company is correct, we highly advise that you call the Register of Number Plate Suppliers team on 0300 123 0797 or email them at They will ask you for the RNPS/SID number, along with the company’s trading name and postcode.

If the information you provide is correct, the trading name and postcode can be created as an artwork and be displayed on number plates. If the information is incorrect or the company has been marked as ceased on the register, do not display the company’s details on the number plates as it will be illegal and could result in a fine.


Supporting documents

For further information regarding your responsibilities as a number plate supplier, please visit our downloads section where you can find extremely useful documents issued by the DVLA or contact our Customer Service team for more information.