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Green number plates - coming soon

Article Published - 18/6/2020

On Tuesday, the government announced green number plates are coming to zero-emission vehicles in the UK.

As your number plate supplier, we'll supply green number plates when they launch.

If you'd like to buy green number plates, click on the green button below to register for pre-ordering. We'll then get back in touch when they launch.


Going green - what we know so far:

  • they're coming in from autumn
  • they're only available for zero emission vehicles
  • the plate will include a green 'flash' as shown above
  • they'll allow free parking and no congestion charges in some towns and cities
  • the government are investing in infrastructure to make electric vehicles attractive.



Can we fit green plates to an existing zero-emission car or does it have to be new?

In short, yes, we think you can retro-fit. Advice we've obtained suggests that any zero-emission vehicle currently on the roads can have green plates retro-fitted.

Green plates could become a great value-adding service for customers in cities with green plate benefits.


Will Jepson & Co support me with the launch of green number plates?

Yes! We'll supply you marketing materials to promote green plates, including:

  • posters
  • images
  • guidance on how to use them.

We welcome your ideas - email


How will green number plates be made and which cars can show them?

Details about the plate construction and design, plus exactly which vehicles are entitled to have green plates, are still emerging.

When we launch green plates, our product will be compliant with all the regulations and we'll be sure to share all the relevant information with you.


Where can I find out more on green number plates and how they'll work?

Many details are still emerging but for now, take a look at the government announcement here.

While we await more information, we'll continue to represent your views as your number plate manufacturer and a member of the British Number Plate Manufacturers Association.