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Get creative and find out more about legal number plate design, showroom plates and other services we can offer to help promote your business.

Here you can find useful information regarding what can be displayed on your number plate, the requirements set by DVLA and what services we have available that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

You can find out more about the legal number plate design here.


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Are there any legal artwork requirements for a number plate?

By law, the registered name and postcode of the supplying outlet must be displayed on the number plate. If this information is not displayed, the number plate is classed as illegal and could result in a fine.

What size can the artwork be?

The name and postcode of the supplying outlet can vary between 3mm and 12mm in size, depending on how it’s printed. If you want to display additional information to your number plate, such as a logo or website, you should consider a lipped number plate design.

What can I have on a lipped number plate?

On the physical number plate itself, the same rules apply, although anything can be displayed on the lip of a number plate. This section along the bottom of the number plate can be used as an advertising strip, whether it’s your company’s website, telephone number or a personalised design, we can design something to suit you.

Can you have flags on number plates?

Yes, you can. You can display any regional flag on the left-hand side of the number plate, along with its identifying name or letters. The flags we have available are:

  • GB Euro Stars

  • England (Cross of St George)

  • Wales/Cymru (Welsh Dragon)

  • Scotland (Scottish Saltire)

  • Great Britain (Union Flag)

You will need to display a GB identifier on your vehicle when traveling within Europe.

Can I order a showplate?

Showplates are illegal. It is an offence to alter or rearrange the digits on a number plate. However, Showroom plates are available to display on your forecourt or in your company showroom.

What promotional items can you offer?

We have a variety of promotional materials available that may suit your company needs, including keyfobs, stickers, document wallets and much, much more! To find out more about how you can promote your business, please contact our Design team.

How do I contact the Design team to discuss my artworks?

You can email or alternatively, you can speak to a member of the team by calling 0114 279 8657.