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PlateSync® Software

Our advanced PlateSync® number plate designing software syncs number plate records to the cloud automatically, making record keeping simple. We'll keep you up to date with all the current number plate standards, including the upcoming BS AU 145e.

Secure cloud-based records storage

High security cloud-based servers hold your data off-site to minimise data loss risk. However, any time you as Authorised Personnel need to view the data, you can simply login and your data is instantly available to you from anywhere in the world.


Automatic record keeping to DVLA standards

Our number plate software will automatically upload the records of plate registrations printed, by whom and on what date and time and retains them for when you need to view them, providing you have an internet connection. PlateSync will also securely store your customers document details, such as their V5C reference number and personal I.D.

For more information regarding what records need to be kept, find out what your responsibilities as a number plate supplier are.


GDPR Data Protection compliant

In May 2018, stringent new regulation on data processing known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in the UK and EU. PlateSync is fully compliant with all the requirements of GDPR, including protections of individuals; rights around processing of DVLA-mandated records. Data is stored for as long as legally required, and no longer.

If any changes are made to GDPR, we can send you automatic PlateSync updates to ensure you always remain compliant.


BS AU 145e compliant

In September 2021, a new number plate standard (BS AU 145e) is coming into effect. This means changes to plate durability, legal plate-design and an updated standard mark, making number plates more robust and secure for all UK vehicles. PlateSync is fully compliant with all BS AU 145e requirements, and getting ready for the change is as simple as keeping your PlateSync software up to date.

Find out what BS AU 145e means for you with our 2-minute summary video.

You can read more about BS AU 145e here.


Usage reporting

Authorised Personnel can check the number of plates printed on a detailed online report, including operator name, date and time. You will also be able to view the recorded customer documents, such as entitlement to the registration and personal I.D. If you’re part of a group or have multiple branches, PlateSync can structure your automated monthly reports to give you control of each individual site.

Users can have individual logins and permissions to help you manage stock and monitor plate making. You also have the option to record and manage print errors which may help you identify quality issues or additional training needs.

You can view your number plate printing usage by logging into our website or to receive automated monthly reports by email, please contact us.


Receive orders

With our additional features, PlateSync can receive pre-populated retail orders from and online trade platform, PlatePortal. These free-of-charge add-ons can save you time and even increase online sales for your business.


Number plate sizes and templates

PlateSync can print a variety of number plate sizes when connected to a suitable printer. Our number plate software can be easily updated with new templates too, including formats such as the trailer registration plates for example.


Approved artworks downloads

PlateSync's advanced functionality means that new artworks download automatically in just a few seconds. You can then update your number plate design immediately and save your favourite designs to easily access again next time you print.


Showroom plate and artwork designer

With built in artwork and showroom plate designers, you can create your own personalisation’s quickly and easily. The simple to use ‘drag and drop’ features allows you to design custom artworks for the bottom of your number plates or full-sized showroom plates all from within your PlateSync software.


Find out more

To find out more how PlateSync could work for your business, contact your Account Manager.