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PlateSync® Software Data Privacy Notice

Our data privacy notice in relation to PlateSync®.

Data privacy notice (PlateSync®)
Jepson & Co takes its responsibilities regarding processing of personal data very seriously and has outlined in this privacy notice the data collected, the reason(s) for data collection and processing, and the manner and timescale for deletion. For clarity, the Data Controller is our trade customer and the Data Processor is Jepson & Co Ltd (44 East Bank Road, Sheffield, S2 3QN).


1 Data collected and processed

The provision of data is a legal requirement to supply number plates for an end consumer.  In the event that a consumer does not provide data, PlateSync may be unable to print their plate(s).

1.1 For the purpose of compliance with DVLA requirements on the supply of number plates, our PlateSync® software collects data on:
• The operator (the person printing the plates):
o    Their login details / name as per their login
o    The date and time each plate is printed
• The number plate:
o    The registration, size and shape printed.
o    The number of plates printed.
• The end-user:
o    Where a retail customer:
      their name and address
       their proof of identity and entitlement to the registration document numbers
o    Where a trade customer:
       their Register of Number Plate Suppliers Supplier ID (SID) number
o    Where an internal fleet vehicle:
       The job number

1.2 The data will be collected by number plate printing system operators at our customer’s premises as is required by DVLA regulations and entered into the PlateSync® system for record keeping purposes.  Data is processed and stored on secure servers in the EU and UK.

1.3 This data may be processed in the following ways as a legitimate interest of Jepson & Co and also to fulfil a number plate supply contract:
• Stored in a database protected by a 14-character password, including 3 special characters. This database is stored in an encrypted SQL server (compact edition) on a laptop owned by Jepson & Co.
• Synced with cloud-based secure data storage
• In compliance with the law, the data may be accessed by authorised authorities (including but not exclusive to DVLA, the Police, VOSA) during a compliance site visit.
• Analysed via management reports (only available to authorised personnel at our customer’s premises).

1.4 All data collected through Jepson & Co’s PlateSync® software remains the property of Jepson & Co. Jepson & Co’s role is as a data processor and we retain this data property for operational reasons as outlined below. Jepson & Co appreciate fully the commercial sensitivity of data collected by our customer and will not use data collected via the PlateSync® system for reasons other than:
• Providing support and maintenance on PlateSync® to our customer
• Improvement and development of PlateSync® software
• Compliance with legally allowable requests from relevant authorities (for example DVLA, VOSA, The Police).

1.5 Data will not be shared with any party outside of the Data Controller and Data Processor.


2 Individual’s rights

2.1 Right of access by the data subject: you may make a Subject Access Request to be provided with any personal data processed by PlateSync® by telephoning 0114 2731151, emailing or in writing to Data Protection, Jepson & Co Ltd, 44 East Bank Road, Sheffield, S2 3QN. Please note that data available after 3 years is pseudonymised so we cannot identify you as a natural person using this data and therefore would be unable to fulfil your subject access request.

2.2 Right to rectification: we want PlateSync® to be very useful for you and will do our best to keep your data up-to-date with all your preferences and correct business account data. If any of your personal data as outlined in section 1 is incorrect, please contact us on with the correct details and we will rectify them as a matter of priority. Please indicate whether you would us to effect your right to restriction of processing during the period where we are rectifying your data; this will result in limited or suspended functionality on the software during that period for example if you have a Jepson Online web account it will be suspended.

2.3 Right to erasure: See section 3, Data Deletion Policy.

2.4 Right to restriction of processing: See section 3, Data Deletion Policy.

2.5 Right to data portability: on receipt of a Subject Access Request, we will provide you your personal data (see section 2.1) in a mutually agreed format. This may be by telephone, email or in writing.

2.6 Right to object: to object, you may:
• Stop using PlateSync

• Choose not to order a number plate through an outlet using PlateSync.

2.6.1 Right to object to automated decision making, including profiling: you may wish to speak to your retailer or Jepson & Co for a decision on printing your plate if you are not satisfied with an automated decision. 

3 Data deletion policy

3.1 All data as outlined in section 1.1 is deleted from PlateSync® software following the mandatory retention period set by DVLA, currently this is 3 years.

If you wish to raise a complaint relating to this policy, please contact the Information Commissioners Office via their website