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'S' is for Sierra

Article Published - 24/4/2018

'S' registrations are now acceptable on black and silver number plates for vehicles manufactured before 1978.

At Jepson & Co, we produce classic number plates in-house and offer a range of acrylic and aluminium plates. Our aluminium plates are produced using traditional presses, original dies and stoving finishes handmade by our expert team at our Sheffield factory. Acrylic black and silver plates are also available with standard silver or ribbed registration digits.

Whichever style you need, we will provide the highest quality product to keep your customers pride and joy looking its very best.


Which vehicles are eligible to display black and silver number plates?

Vehicles manufactured before April 1978 can display a classic black and silver number plate. These are currently 'S' registrations and before. The 40 year tax exemption date rolls forward automatically each year on April 1st. So next year, it will roll on to 'T.'


Which style number plate for which vehicle?

Here's what we would recommend:

Between 1903 - 1920: Car 3.1/2" digits

  • Hand painted plates

  • Cast aluminium plates

  • Embossed aluminium plates

Between 1920 - 1963: Car 3.1/2" digits

  • ACE digit plates

  • Peak/Raised riveted digit plates

  • Embossed aluminium


Between 1963 - 1978: Car 3.1/8" digits

  • Embossed aluminium

  • Peak/raised riveted digits

  • Smooth acrylic

  • Ribbed acrylic

  • Self-adhesive


Motorcycle number plates are embossed aluminium plates, made with either a 2.1/2" or 1.3/4" digit.

Download the Vintage & Classic pages from our 2018 Customer Buying Guide below for more information.