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Motor Factors

A strong awareness of your needs and close support is crucial to giving you the tools to make the best of your number plates. Your print system needs to be simple to operate, flexible across a broad range of plate options and, most importantly, reliable.

Full range of plate sizes

Available as components, our stock plate sizes range covers every conceivable legal number plate size and style. Our plate range includes standard oblong plates, import car plates, 4x4 car plates, oversize car plates, shaped car plates, motorcycle plates and lipped plates (in a range of sizes). Pre-printed artworks are available in any colour on any plate size so you simply print the registration digits.

We can even offer a full bespoke service to create any legal format of number plate, from designing to cutting and despatching to you.


Simple but Powerful Software

Our latest software, PlateSync®, offers a simple interface for user friendliness but advanced back-end features for printing any size or shape of plate in either simple black or full-colour depending on your number plate printer. The software makes management and automatic updating of your customers’ personalisations and DVLA issued supplier identification numbers really simple. PlateSync®’s online mode lets you link multiple sites for detailed profiles of what is printed, when and by whom, giving you control of your stock and business.

Marketing & sales support

It is vital to us that we promote your business, and we offer motor factors a range of marketing and sales support tools to do just that. This includes visiting your customers with you to develop your territory and build your sales, plus we can offer marketing materials:

• personalised flyers for promoting your business to the trade

• personalised flyers for promoting your business to retail customers

• stickers (including personalised options)

• posters


Range of on-site printers

Whether you’re laser or thermal printing, our number plate systems print any legal format of number plate with ease. Simply select your flag, personalisation and border options with our user-friendly PlateSync® software, load your reflective and click print.

Our printers include a full range, from the latest full-colour laser printers to robust heavy-duty multi-size number plate printers, to meet your local needs.


Support when and how you need it

Check out our help and support section for FAQs, useful guides and videos. Alternatively technical, legislative, marketing and ordering support is simply a phonecall or email away.


Classic & vintage number plates and signage

From the World’s oldest number plate manufacturer, our extensive heritage range of plates and signs help you to cater to a wider range of customers. Handmade by an expert Sheffield-based team, each plate and sign is truly unique and is complete with a lifetime manufacturing guarantee. Find out more about The 1894 Sign Co range and our classic plate range.


To find out more about how we work with motor factors, contact your Account Manager.