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Industry Accreditations

To ensure the best quality, service and value for our customers, we work to exceed industry standards on all number plate products and services.

Member of the British Number Plate Manufacturers Association

We are a proud member of the BNMA and sit on a number of committees within this industry body, supporting number plate manufacturers. The BNMA liaises with DVLA to represent the interests of the number plate community and to ensure that the UK market is served by legally compliant products and services.


British Standard for number plates (BS AU 145d)

Meeting the strict requirements on durability for BS AU 145d means a broad range of highly specific tests. Assessments on the plate's reaction to thermal change, impact (for stone chips), bending and more is included in the standard. Our guidelines and exacting quality management processes support our compliance with BS AU 145d, meaning you can be assured of the best quality product in the industry.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification

We are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which follows even stricter principles than the previous standard to ISO:9001(2008). The 2015 update bolsters the 2008 standard with more comprehensive risk management and continuous improvement focusses. We continually improve the quality of our products and services through the exacting ISO:9001 standard and principles. The principles of ISO:9001, for example focussing on your customer and involving your staff, fit closely with our own business values of customer first and communication. Find out more about ISO:9001 or download our certificate below.


Health & Safety Management (OHSAS:18001 - work in progress)

We have always taken health and safety at work extremely seriously and work closely with our staff to manage their health and safety. Recently, we decided to formalise this arrangement by taking steps towards OHSAS:18001 Health & Safety Management. This means additional documentation and stringent processes are put in place to manage health and safety throughout the business, overseen by senior management and reviewed at board.


Long standing customer of 3M

We have been working with the innovative multinational supplier 3M for over 20 years, supplying retro-reflective for number plates.


Premium Partner to Retail Automotive Alliance (RAA)

We have supplied to one of the UK's largest automotive retailer groups, RAA, over 10 years.  With software that automatically keeps records and syncs with the cloud, and a range of robust number plate printers, we support RAA members so they never have to worry about number plates.


We are also proud members of: 



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